Drivers, buckle up.
You're about to get schooled in Distractology!

Texting while driving

Don't be a statPop quiz: You’re driving somewhere and a text comes in. Do you a) slow down and answer; b) wait for a red light, then answer; or c) rest the phone on the wheel so you can still see the road while you answer?

Ok, so it’s a trick question. The answer is none of the above.

Unfortunately, we’ve been living with the assumption that it’s OK to drive around with cell phones stuck to our ears, texts flying and burgers balanced on the wheel. Here’s the cold, harsh truth: it’s not OK.  And the numbers prove it. Every year thousands of people will be injured or killed in crashes that could have been prevented. And you can be sure every one of them was confident in his or her ability to drive while distracted.

Think of it this way. You’ve got to be ready for every possible hazard, including cyclists, pedestrians, little woodland creatures...oh, yeah, and other distracted drivers. If you’re distracted for even a few seconds, a quick ride home can turn into a long hospital stay. And nothing cramps your style more than a full body cast, a sobbing parent or being charged with reckless driving.
That’s why we created Distractology 101. The Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. (“Arbella”) knows how dangerous distracted driving is for new drivers. Arbella sponsors research in the area of distracted driving at the College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst. But we wanted to do more. We decided to bring the benefits of driver simulator training to new drivers like you by creating a mobile classroom called the Distractology 101 Tour. This training puts new drivers like you behind the wheel of a simulator console created by the university. The simulator challenges you with a variety of common driving situations to give you a firsthand look at how a distraction can make the difference between being safe and being a statistic. If you’d like to see if the tour is appearing close to you, visit our tour locator.
Spend some time on the site. Go through our online Distract-O-Meter challenge to put your knowledge to the test. Add to the growing vocabulary in our dictionary. We’ve even got a way for you to nag your parents for a change. Have them take the pledge with you and hold them to practicing what they preach.
And when you’re done with all that, you’ll be a Distractology scholar!

The Distractology 101 Learning Challenge

The Distractology 101 Truck Tour
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